We organise trainings and courses by qualified experts on all aspects of safety tests, test equipment and handling of dangerous goods. The courses suited for all educational levels, both basic and advanced, take place in Karlsruhe, Germany or on-site as required. We train worldwide.

Group training: 8-12 participants Training location: Karlsruhe / Germany

The courses are mainly held in English.

The courses offers are carried out by our partner CHEM TECH SCIENTIFIC CONSULTING.

Don't hesitate to contact us with questions related to our training courses, dates and full packages. We will provide you an individual offer.

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  • 01 – Introduction to Explosive Chemistry
  • This course is designed to capture basic knowledge of explosives. It is highly recommended to take this course before going to work with explosives and taking advanced courses. Attendees will understand various types of explosives, propellants, pyrotechnics, initiations, detonators, and then apply the knowledge for further advanced training and development.

  • 02 – Gun Propellants and Internal Ballistics
  • This module is designed to develop a comprehensive knowledge and practical skills on various nitrate ester propellants, raw materials, properties and vulnerability of conventional propellants, stability, internal ballistics, chemical and ballistic life, and life assessment. One day practical on cellulose and nitrocellulose burning and stability test.

  • 03 – Manufacturing of Gun Propellants
  • The module is designed to develop comprehensive knowledge and practical skills on various methods for manufacturing nitrate esters, raw materials, propellants and assess their vulnerability, and shelf life.

  • 04 – Vulnerability and Life Assessment of Propellants
  • This module is designed to develop a comprehensive knowledge and practical skills on various nitrate ester propellants, raw materials, their vulnerability, and safe life assessment. The attendees will apprehend current challenges, development needs, and stockpile management.

  • 05 – Energetic Materials: Safety, Storage, and Handling
  • This module is designed to aim to develop a comprehensive knowledge and skills in various explosives and propellants, their vulnerability, handling, manufacturing, processing, storage hazards and safety.

  • 06 – Commercial Explosives Technology
  • This course is designed for in-depth knowledge development on blasting ingredients, commercial explosives, properties of blasting agents & explosives, classification, initiation & detonation, blasting explosives manufacturing and blast safety.

  • 07 – Theory of Combustion and Blast
  • This module focuses on the development of comprehensive knowledge on explosives, propellants and pyrotechnic, combustion theory and mechanism.

  • 08 – Explosives Regulation and Licensing
  • This course is designed to identify various military explosives and commercial explosives, their applications and hazards, UN classification, regulations and legal issues related to possession, storage, and transportation.

  • Introduction on test equipment
  • After the delivery of the equipment, you will receive a detailed training and know-how transfer to the test units and reference to the corresponding test standards and procedures.