02 – Gun Propellants and Internal Ballistics

This module is designed to develop a comprehensive knowledge and practical skills on various nitrate ester propellants, raw materials, properties and vulnerability of conventional propellants, stability, internal ballistics, chemical and ballistic life, and life assessment. One day practical on cellulose and nitrocellulose burning and stability test.

Course Time: 1 week Learning Mode: Lectures, Group Discussion, Lecture Notes, Tutorials, Practical and Exam

Intended Learning Outcomes

  • Capture in-depth knowledge of propellants and their ingredients.
  • Recognise ballistic parameters and service life of propellants.
  • Apply vulnerability concepts for propellants stockpile management.

Who Should Attend?

Ammunition technical officers, explosive testing lab staff, ordnance safety group, explosives inspectors, battlefield users, field testing team, stockpile managers, loading & unloading and manufacturing teams.