06 – Commercial Explosives Technology

This course is designed for in-depth knowledge development on blasting ingredients, commercial explosives, properties of blasting agents & explosives, classification, initiation & detonation, blasting explosives manufacturing and blast safety.

Course Time: 1 week Learning Mode: Lectures, Group Discussion, Lecture Notes, Tutorials, Practical and Exam

Intended Learning Outcomes

  • Capture knowledge on blasting explosives and identify tools for blasting applications.
  • Assess limitations of blasting explosives and propose solutions.
  • Summarise UN hazard classification and safety.
  • Apply the knowledge to identify obsolete blasting agents and take necessary action to avoid in-service and out-of-service accidents.

Who Should Attend?

Blasting crews, technicians, safety officers, formulation team, explosive manufacturers, explosives chemists, blasting engineers, storage team, ammunition technicians and technical officers.